Past speakers

A rock star lineup of speakers and thought leaders in technology, entrepreneurship, and investing.

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten
The Next Web
Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten CEO
Heather Gallagher
Burning Man
Heather Gallagher Director of Technology
Justin Halsall
Justin Halsall Developer Advocate
Camryn Williams
Camryn Williams Software Engineer
Melissa O'Young
Melissa O'Young Head of NY Community
Oscar Kneppers
Oscar Kneppers Founder
J. Kelly Hoey
Build Your Dream Network
J. Kelly Hoey Author
Adam Smiley Poswolsky
Smiley Poswolsky
Adam Smiley Poswolsky Author, Millennial Workplace Expert
John Henry
Harlem Capital Partners
John Henry Managing Partner
Kelcey Gosserand
Kelcey Gosserand co-founder
Melissa Gonzalez
The Lionesque Group
Melissa Gonzalez CEO & Founder
 Valerie Vallenduuk
Haarlemvalley Capital
Valerie Vallenduuk Co-founder & managing partner
Pedro Anderson
Winding Tree
Pedro Anderson Founder & COO
Arno Boersma
Centre of Excellence, UNDP
Arno Boersma Manager
Chanel Frazier
CF Empowerment Group
Chanel Frazier Founder
Luisa Martinez
Luisa Martinez Director of Innovations and Partnerships
Nick Smoot
Innovation Collective
Nick Smoot Founder
Jennifer Litorja
Jennifer Litorja Ecosystem Development
Nicole Kelner
The Coding Space
Nicole Kelner Co-founder
John Lynn
The Studio Project
John Lynn Partner & Co-founder
Ryan Peterson
Central Bank of Aruba
Ryan Peterson General Manager for Economic Policy
Andrew Stein
Andrew Stein Managing Director
Angus Nelson
Crowd Companies
Angus Nelson Member Success
Bruno Haid
Bruno Haid Founder & CEO
Cassidy Williams
Cassidy Williams Software Engineer & Developer Evangelist
Charles Bonello
Grand Central Tech
Charles Bonello Co-Founder & Managing Director
Christine Souffrant
Christine Souffrant Founder
Diederik Kemmerling
The Lab
Diederik Kemmerling Managing Partner
Jewel Burks
Jewel Burks Co-Founder and CEO
Jharonne Martis
Thomson Reuters
Jharonne Martis Retail Industry Expert
Matt Harrigan
Grand Central Tech
Matt Harrigan Managing Director and Co-Founder
Peter Crysdale
Peter Crysdale Partner and Cofounder
Ray Walia
Launch Academy
Ray Walia Co-founder & CEO